Black truffle

“Simulated” Black Truffle hunt

from July to September.

municipality of Alba and the municipalities of the Langhe area.

between 75 and 90 minutes.

the truffle hunter hides the truffles in one of the truffle-beds previously selected, according to the time and zone selected for the hunt. Following a detailed description, answers to any questions and making acquaintance with the dogs, the simulated hunt begins. More details will be given as the hunt progresses. Remember that the truffles found are the property of the Truffle hunter.

trekking shoes or trainers. The hunts are carried out in easy to reach areas close to asphalted and/or dirt roads. If it rains on the days preceding the hunt or on the day itself, it is advisable to have a change of shoes.

up to 2 persons: 100 euro + VAT
up to 4 persons: 160 euro + VAT
up to 8 persons: 250 euro + VAT

For groups larger than 8 people the price is negotiable.

if the presence of a Natural Sciences degree holder is required during the simulated hunt, to have more information on the truffle environment, the price must be increased by 30%.

at least 2 days prior notice.

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